Bear carved by Simeonie Killiktee





Artist: Simeonie Killiktee

Community: Kimmirut

Year: 2010

Media: Green Serpentine

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Gorgeous bear carved in stunning green serpentine by Kimmirut artist Simeonie Killiktee. This walking bear is beautifully carved and has a lovely sense of movement and proportion. The serpentine is a vibrant, attention grabbing green. This is a wonderful piece of Inuit art.

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Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × 3 in

About Simeonie Killiktee

First Name: Simeeonie
Last Name: Killiktee
Community: Kimmirut

Sex: M

Disc Number:

Date born: 02/20/1973

Alternative Names:
• Killiktee Killiktee
• Simeeonie Killiktee
• Killicktee Killiktee
• Simionie Killiktee

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