Blazing Owl by Ooloosie Saila


Artist:                  Ooloosie Saila

Community:       Cape Dorset

Year:                    2022

Media:                 Lithograph

Paper:                  Arches Cover Cream

Printer:                Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq

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Gorgeous new print from the 2022 Dorset Print Collection: Blazing Owl by Ooloosie Saila

As a child, Ooloosie was inspired to draw through occasional visits to the home of Kenojuak Ashevak. From these visits Ooloosie gained some valuable insights into the process of drawing and the importance of discipline and perseverance. At age 14 she won first prize at her high school drawing contest and a few years later she began selling her drawings to the Co-op.

Ooloosie has explored many diverse themes over the years but recently her work has been focused on the northern landscape around her home in Cape Dorset. Her bold and often large drawings are characterized by patches of colour and suggestive lines that aptly express the changing landscape throughout the seasons.

Ooloosie is quickly becoming one of Cape Dorset’s most promising emerging artists and her work has been shown at numerous galleries in North America as well as Art Toronto and the Art on Paper fair in New York.


Additional information

Dimensions 23 × 15 in

Bio Ooloosie Saila

Date of Birth: August 31, 1991
Place of Birth: Iqaluit, NU
Mother: Mary Saila
Adopted by: Sita Saila
Mikisiti Saila
March, 2019
Ooloosie Saila Horizons
Feheley Fine Arts Toronto, Ontario
July – August, 2018
Welcome to the World:
A Collection of Drawings by Emerging Artists In Cape Dorset
Inuit Gallery of Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia
June – July, 2015
Ki Smith Gallery New York City, NY
July – August, 2019
TAVVAUNA/Here it is: Drawings from Cape Dorset Studio 22
Kingston. Ontario
September – October, 2019
Contemporary Drawings from Cape Dorset Inuit Fine Art
Port Hope, Ontario
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal
Capital One Collection, Toronto
Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg

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