New Summer Tent by Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq


Artist:                   Nujalia Quvanqtuliaq

Community:        Cape Dorset

Year:                      2022

Media:                   Etching & Aquatint

Paper:                    Arches White  

Printer:                  Studio PM

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Gorgeous new print from the 2022 Dorset Print Collection: New Summer Tent by Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq

Nujalia started in the lithograph studio as a sponger and in 2014 became a lithograph trainee. Nujalia began drawing through the influence of his brother Niviaksie Quvianaqtuliaq, a printmaker with the Kinngait Studios in Cape Dorset.


Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 22.5 in

Bio Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq

Name: Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq (1972 – )
Gender: Male
Style: Inuit
Region: Cape Dorset,
Nunavut Territory, Canada

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