Surfacing Bear Head by Quaraq Nungusuituk


Artist:                    Qaraq Nungusuituk

Community:         Cape Dorset

Year:                       2021

Media:                   Marble




This smaller Surfacing Bear Head by Quaraq Nungusuituk from Cape Dorset has a touch of Magic. It makes the viewer stop and reflect.  Just like the surfacing bear’s head conveys a sense of reflection, we too stop for a moment and take in what’s happening. Just like the bear we dwell in a  moment of quiet observation and just like the bear we have our senses categorize what’s happening around us. This Surfacing Bear Head by Qaraq Nungusuituk indeed has the magic of taking us into the world of contemplation. A small but great  treasure.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 in

biography Quaraq Nungusuituk

Quaraq Nungusuituk

(1986 – Present)

Up-and-coming carver Quaraq Nungusuituk is the biological son of Mary and Titi Curly. He was adopted by the noted carver Tukiki Manumie and his wife Eliakamee Nuntok. Quaraq began carving at a young age. His work show that despite his youth he has the skills and mastery of an experienced carver.

Quaraq takes great care in choosing the stone he works with. His carvings are mostly done in the local serpentine stone, which comes in varying shades of green, yellow, and brown. He also carves successfully in the harder arctic marble stone.

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