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A virtual gallery representing Inuit Art, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Sedna Spirit by Palaya Qiatsuk Explore our gallery Sedna Spirit by Palaya Qiatsuk This Sedna Spirit by Palaya Qiatsuk is a great example of Palaya's interests in Shamanism and his love to carve transformations

Palaya was born in Cape Dorset May 10, 1965 and began carving around 1977. He learned to carve from his father, the well-known sculptor and printmaker, Lukta Quiatsuq. He carved...
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Transformation by Samonie Toonoo Explore our gallery Transformation by Samonie Toonoo This macabre Transformation by Samonie Toonoo from Kinngait - Cape Dorset is a striking example of Samonie's contemporary work.  Samonie did not shy away from difficult subjects in his hauntingly beautiful work which often deals with spirits.

Samonie surprises us here with the  demon spirit, present in all of us. These are...
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Walrus by Padli Uttuujaq Ilisituk Explore our gallery Walrus by Padli Uttuujaq Ilisituk This is a charming old fashioned simple lined Walrus by Padli Uttuujaq Ilisituk from Sugluk - Salluit. Stretching 11 inches this is carving that simply wants to be and has to be loved. The era is not for certain, but probably from somewhere in the 1950's or 1960's. Don't let... Read more Seal signed by Kavik Explore our gallery Seal signed by Kavik Seal by Kavik from Sanikiluaq. Lovely older seal carved in the traditional Sanikiluaq style.... Read more