Dear Customers,


Welcome to our first March Madness Sale! Given all the COVID Madness around us, we thought you may appreciate some more benign March Winter Madness at our gallery. So for the whole month of March, we will offer a 20% discount on all our products, except for the 2020 Dorset Print Collection.

The discounts do show at the item price: first amount listed is the discount price, second amount is the original price. And the process is really rather simple:  choose your favorite item and add it to the cart. You will see a PayPal fee adjustment of 20% in your cart, before you check out. It’s that simple! No madness at this stage!

However, there are a few buts and ifs.

First, if you choose multiple items (and who wouldn’t with a 20% discount) the shipping fee may not calculate properly. If you want to make sure, you can always contact us and discuss the issue before ordering. Or, you just proceed with your order and we may contact you if there is the need for a the shipping adjustment to be made. Either way, you have always the opportunity to cancel your order.

Secondly, the discount is set up to work through PayPal. If you wish to choose another payment option, we can accommodate you. Just contact us.

Thirdly, of course the discount will also apply if you visit us in person at the Gallery.

Happy March Madness everyone and let’s get ready for Springtime.

Sale will run from now till March 31, 2021

Mandy and Pierre