About Ukpik Inuit art, sculpturesAlthough Ukpik Inuit Art gallery is just an infant (opened January 2014) the owners Pierre Stevens  and Mandy Kay-Raining Bird  have not only a long history of collecting Inuit Art, but have also been active for the last 30 years or more of operating a “by appointment only” gallery. It’s this experience of dealing with European and North American markets that provides the professional backbone behind our latest offspring: The Ukpik Inuit Art Gallery. Through our sister gallery Canuit we can also provide you with access to other Arctic art communities such as in Greenland and Russia.

Our mission is to provide the general public with an opportunity to explore Inuit Art, and to create a venue for connoisseurs or newcomers alike, to purchase Inuit Art at reasonable prices.

Collecting Inuit Art is a most enjoyable endeavour with appeals to a large range of artistic tastes. It is just not possible for us to represent the huge diversity in Inuit Art in this website. However, we like to see Ukpik Inuit Art as a resource centre which can respond to your specific interests in Inuit Art. As such, we invite you to contact us with your specific questions and we will let you know if and how we can be of assistance.

So welcome to our website and enjoy browsing around in the leisure of your living room . We hope you enjoy our website. Do not hesitate to arrange for an appointment if you have the opportunity to visit us in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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