Walrus by Timothy Jar


Artist:                          Timothy Jar

Community:                Sallit/Coral Harbour

Media:                         Whalebone

Year:                             2001


This stunning Walrus by Timothy Jar is another treasure from a talented carver. Timothy carves in diverse media from Ivory and Whalebone to Stone. This whalebone walrus is just stunning. Such an evocative carving. Please note that there are export restrictions on this whalebone carving.

Additional information

Weight 0.97 kg
Dimensions 11 × 4.5 × 6.25 in

biography of Timothy Jar

First Name: Timothy
Last Name: Jar
Community: Sallit

Sex: M

Disc Number: E3724

Date born: 06/13/1934

Alternative Names:
• Jar Jar
• Timothy Jar


L’art et la Matiere: Peintures au sable de Claude Durand – Sculptures d’Art Esquimaux Conseil Municipal Le Comite d’Animation Culturelle

Inuit Art Exhibition Whitby Arts Incorporated, The Station Gallery

Major/Minor Marion Scott Gallery

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