Ajagaq by Unknown


Artist:                   Unknown

Community:        Nunavut

Year:                     c.2014

Media:                  Antler

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We head this Ajagaq by Unknown described as a bone carving of a Spirit and Head by Unknown carver from Nunavut, probably from around 2014. The carving came to us through the secondary market. But we just learned that it is actually the two pieces that make up the Ajagaq game and probably originated in Greenland:

A children’s game traditionally made from two pieces of seal bone and a skin thong, ajjagak (sometimes spelled ajagak or ajagaq) can be traced back more than 2500 years in Greenland and other parts of the Arctic. Ajjajak is among the oldest of the traditional cup-and-ball games, which have gone by many names through history, including bibloquet in France and Kendama in Japan.

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