Fish by Pavinak Petaulassie


Artist:                    Pavinak Petaulassie

Community:         Cape Dorset / Kinngait

Year:                       2016

Media:                    Serpentine

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This carving of a School of Fish  by Pavinak Petaulassie is another example of Pavinak’s talents.

Pavinak Petaulassie  is a sculptor from Kinngait (Cape Dorset), NU. Petaulassie first learned to carve from local sculptors and his father in the 1970s. Petaulassie most often depicts northern wildlife but has carved human figures such as hunters, mothers, and children. Petaulassie primarily carves in serpentine, favouring stone in laurel to dark green hues. He has stated a preference for carving in stone as he finds it easier to work with than other materials. However, he does incorporate antler elements into some of his works and has on occasion carved composite sculptures from walrus ivory and stone. His style is naturalistic and robust.

Petaulassie’s work is frequently identifiable by his carving technique of linking multiple individuals together from a single piece of stone.

This School of Fish  by Pavinak Petaulassie nicely captures his trademark style.

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Weight 1.66 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 2 × 13 in

Biography Pavinak Petaulassie

Date of Birth: October 8, 1961 Male/Female: Male E7-1959
Place of Birth: Cape Dorset
Mother: Timangiak Petaulassie
Father: Aggeak Petaulassie
Pavinaq’s father, the late Aggeak Petaulassie (1983), was also a carver. His mother, Timangiak, and brothers Qatsiya and Etidlui are artists in Cape Dorset.
“My father used to tell me about carving…I like carving in stone because it is easier to work with.” Pavinaq began carving in the early 1970’s and prefers groupings of birds or walrus, “They are beautiful animals, that’s why.”
From an interview with the Inuit Art Section, November, 1994.
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Marion Scott Gallery
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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