Fishing Composition by Bessie Crow


Artist:                Bessie Crow

Community:    Sanikiluaq

Year:                  1996 (?)

Medium:           Steatite


This Fishing Composition by Bessie Crow only came to light in 2017 but was most probably carved somewhere around 1997. Bessie was  born in 1940 and lived  in  Sanikiluaq

I don’t know much about Bessie, except that this is an exceptionally large piece by Bessie who is more known for smaller bird carvings such as geese, ptarmigans, etc. I also seem to recall a story from around 2004 that Bessie had to give up carving by then because she lost her eyesight.

This great Fishing Composition by Bessie Crow about a family on a fishing exhibition is in my opinion of museum quality. A rare find.

Additional information

Weight 17.1 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 8 × 11.5 in

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