Head by Henri Ainalik


Artist:                   Henri Ainalik

Community:         Frobisher Bay / Iqaluit

Year:                      ~1965

Media:                   Stone

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This striking carving of Head by Henri Ainalik from Frobisher Bay / Iqaluit, is reported to be from around 1965.

This piece came to us from a private collector who said that the head was part of a collection of Inuit Art that was on display at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto in the 1960’s.

We haven’t been able to authenticate the story, but the quality of the carving is exquisite, evocative of an important relationship between the  carver and the subject. It would be interesting to explore who the subject may have been.

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Biography Henri Ainalik

Henry Ainalik

Settlement: Frobisher Bay / Iqaluit
(1902) —


Eskimo Canada
Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec and La Federation des Cooperatives du Nouveau-Quebec, held at Place Bonaventure

Les Inuit du Nouveau-Quebec
Musee du Quebec

Northern Exposure:
Inuit Images of Travel
Burnaby Art Gallery

Public Collections

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Dennos Museum Center, Northwestern Michigan College
Traverse City

Musee de la civilisation
Quebec City

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