Hunter Holding Avataq by Malheusie (Mathewsie?)


Artist:                   Malheusie (Mathewsie?)

Community:        Povungnituk

Year:                     ~1965

Media:                  Stone

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This is an older carving of a Hunter Holding Avataq by Malheusie from Povungnituk.  This carving originates from the 1960’s and has come to us through a private collector. The story is that this carving was part of a Canadian National Exhibition of carvers from Povungnituk in the early 60’s. The label underneath identifies the carver as Malheusie which could be a mistyping of the more common name Mathewsie. There is not more known about the carver, piece or provenance. For collectors of older inuit carvings this would be a wonderful addition to their collection.

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Dimensions 7 × 2 × 4.5 in

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