Hunter with Catch by Juanisi Irqumia Kuanana


Artist:                   Juanisi Irqumia Kuanana

Community:        Povingnituk/Pivirnituq

Year:                      ~1965

Media:                   Stone

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Hunter with Catch By Juanisi Irqumia Kuanana( b. 1923) from Povungnituk/Pivirnituq is from around 1965 and has come to us from a private collector.

The story is that this carving was part of a Canadian National Exhibition of carvers from Povungnituk in the early 60’s. We haven’t been able to authenticate the story and there is not more known about the carver, piece or provenance.  There is another well known early carver/printmaker from Povungnituk: Juanisialuk Irqumia.(b. 1917)  Again we don’t know if and what the connection between the two is.


For collectors of older inuit carvings this would be a wonderful addition to their collection. Check the included Biography for some more information about Juanisi Irqumia Kuanana.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × 6 in

Biography Juanisi Irqumia Kuanana

Juanisi Irqumia Kuanana
Settlement: Povungnituk / Puvirnituq
(1923) — E9-1450


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