Mother and Child by Lucassie Kenuajuak


Artist:                    Lucassie Kenuajuak

Community:         Povungnituk/Puvirnituq

Year:                       1988

Media:                    Stone

Previously owned


This wonderful Mother and Child by Lucassie Kenuajuak from Povungnituk is an nice illustration of  Lucassie’s talents. It shows early signs of the intricate carvings which became Lucassie’s trademark: the magnificent hair braids. This particular early carving also shows his tendency and ability to depict detail. This, previously owned,  Mother and Child by Lucassie Kenuajuak is a worthwhile addition to any Inuit Art collection.

Additional information

Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 7.25 in

Biography Lucassie Kenuajuak

Lucassie Kenuajuak
Community: Povungnituk
Lucassie Kenuajuak (b. 1946 -) has been carving since 1963 and is a very talented artist. He derives much of his artistic inspiration from his surroundings and the arctic wildlife. Lucassie also enjoys to document and interpret Inuit legends and mythology and “his subject matter also includes frequent references to the “fantastic” or supernatural world”.

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