Seal by Bart Hanna Kappianaq


Artist:                    Bart Hanna Kappianaq

Community:         Igloolik – Iglulik

Year:                      2007

Media:                   Arctic Marble

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This gorgeous Seal by Bart Hanna Kappianaq from Iglulik is a small treasure from a master carver. To get a good sense of the amazing talent of Bart Hanna I strongly recommend further readings. A quick glance at the depth of his work may be gleaned from, for instance,  his biography in Inuit Art Quarterly.

Bart Hanna was born in 1948 in Alanarjuk Lake, and now lives in Igloolik, Nunavut.  He is the youngest brother of Lukie Airut, another well-known and respected carver. Bart Hanna started carving when he was 13 years old

Bart began carving in the early 1960s, when he was sent to Toronto, Ontario for treatment for tuberculosis by emulating the many other Inuit carvers that were also receiving care. He has received formal art training in both Canada and the U.S.A.

He took several art courses in Canada and the United States. He travelled to France and Italy because he wanted to see for himself and learn from observing real works of art. “I went over there to observe and learn so I could strive for more improvement in my carvings.”

“I have been to Ottawa for school… And I went to Montreal to do actual carving work. In addition, I’ve been to Italy and France to do carving demonstrations. I went to Paris on my own to see a carving that was displayed there: I wanted to see their prices and see how good it actually was. I went to Italy to see Michelangelo’s marble sculptures. I had heard they were very beautiful. Because I consider carving and sculpture seriously, I wanted to see for myself and learn from observing real works of art… And now, more than anything else, [carving] is the most important thing I do… Most important, I like art. That is why I do it.”

“Through his art, Mr. Hanna often addresses social issues and the negative effects of colonialism on Inuit communities. By including characters that are pulled from shamanism or from his dreams, his work promotes healing, addresses his own experiences and inspires others to share and understand these issues as well,” said Speaker Geoff Regan during the unveiling of Bart Hanna’s Sedna on Parliament Hill in 2019

This Seal by Bart Hanna Kappianaq is a real treat from a great and accomplished carver. A treasure to treasure.


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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11.5 in

Bio Bart Hanna Kappianaq

Bart Hanna Kappianaq


Artistic Community: Iglulik, NU

Date of Birth:
Qikiqtaaluk region, NU


Sedna and her Creatures

February – March 2013 Alaska on Madison

Bart Hanna
2012 Museum of Inuit Art

Bart Hanna
November 2006 Kipling Gallery

Sedna: Spirit of the Sea
September 1995 Feheley Fine Arts

Sculpture of the Inuit: Major Works by the Masters of Stone
October 1994 Maslak McLeod Canadian Art

Kunst van de Inuit Eskimo’s
1994 Gemeentelijk Kunstcentrum Huis Hellemans

The Theme of Transformation in Inuit Sculpture
March – April 1993 Isaacs/Inuit Gallery

The Treasured Monument
1993 Marion Scott Gallery

Our Hoods are Full
May 1992 Arctic Artistry

Art Inuit (Presented by l’Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai)
February – April 1992 Galerie Montador

Art Inuit: Autour de la Collection de Cape Dorset 1990 (Presented at l’Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai)
November – December 1991 Le Colombier

Art Inuit (Presented by l’Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai)
August – September 1991 Galerie Akenaton

Art Inuit (Presented by l’Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai)
July 1991 Chapelle de la Visitation

Galciopolis: Art Inuit (Presented by l”Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai)
July – August 1991 Maison de Pesey

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May – June 1991 La Halle aux Bles

Mother and Child: Sculpture and Prints
May – June 1991 Albers Gallery

Art Inuit (Presented by l’Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai)
April – May 1991 Palais de L’Europe

Art Inuit (Presented by l’Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai)
March – April 1991 Le Theatre

Art Inuit (Presented by l’Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai)
February – April 1991 Galerie Humbert

Espaces Inuit
November 1990 – February 1991 Maison Hamel-Bruneau


There’s more to art than money, says Bart Hanna
December 4, 2019 Derek Neary

Igloolik’s Master Carver relies on the annual sealift to bring coveted sculptures to buyers
November 20, 2019 CBC

Nunavut artist’s work unveiled on Parliament Hill
April 8, 2019 CBC News

Bart Hanna Awarded Major Commission in Ottawa
July 9, 2018 IAQ

Interview: Bart Hanna
Spring 2017 Alysa Procida

The Harry Winrob Collection of Inuit Sculpture
2008 Darlene Wight and Zebedee Nungak

Artists in their Studios
Winter 2007

Bart Hanna: Heart of a Wanderer
Summer 2007 Sonia Gunderson

Briefly Noted
Winter 2006

Inuit Art: A History
2000 Richard C. Crandall

“Inuit Art is Inuit Art:” Part One
Spring 1997 Marybelle Mitchell

An Opportunity to Dream His Own Art
Summer 1995

The Art of Bart Hanna
Winter 1994 Simeonie Kunnuk

Stone Carving Course in Vermont
Fall 1994

Stone Work
May 22, 1994 Rutland Herald

Espaces Inuit: Dessins et Sculpture
1991 Louis Gagnon

Bart Hanna and Natar Ungalaq: Drama in Stone

Visiting Inuk sculptor receives chilly welcome
March 08, 1986


Sculpture Displayed in House of Commons on Parliament Hill
2019 Government of Canada

Public Collections

LSU Museum of Art
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Itsanitaq Museum
Churchill, MB, Canada

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
Quebec City, QC, Canada

Indigenous Art Collection at Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Gatineau, QC, Canada

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
Yellowknife, NT, Canada

Government of Nunavut Collection
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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