Narwhal with Young by Pudlalik Shaa


Artist:                    Pudlalik Shaa

Community:        Kinngait/Cape Dorset

Year:                      2018

Media:                   Serpentine, wood

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A charming carving of a Narwhal with Young by Pudlalik Shaa. Shaa, from Cape Dorset/Kinngait, is a talented carver, capable of sculpting with graceful lines as demonstrated in this small treasure.


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Dimensions 6 × 3.5 × 3 in

Biography Pudlalik Shaa

Pudlalik Shaa
Settlement: Cape Dorset / Kinngait
(1965) — E7-1906

Pudlalik is one of the sons of noted sculptor Aqjangajuk Shaa. Pudlalik made his first carving when he was 12 and has been carving ever since. He learned by watching the generation of carvers who, like his father, used axes to work on their pieces. Pudlalik still uses an axe on occasion, though he also uses more modern tools. Familiar themes are walrus and drumdancers.

Pudlalik was influenced by his father’s work. “I watched [my father] as he carved, he taught me. …my first carving …was a small seal, since then I’ve been carving, not all the time, but whenever I felt up to it.” Interview with the artist, Inuit Art Section, Nov. 1994.


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