Proud Match by Kakulu Saggiaktok


Artist:                   Kakulu Saggiaktok

Community:        Cape Dorset / Kinngait

Year:                      2006

Media:                   Print, Lithograph


Proud Match by Kakulu Saggiaktok



I like to draw birds, Sedna, seals and beluga whales. They are the most fun and I really enjoy seeing them in the wild.
It’s always a good feeling when you see your art work published and know that people appreciate it
. -Kakulu Saggiaktok

Kakulu was born in 1940 on board the Hudson’s Bay Company supply ship, Nascopie. Her family had travelled from south Baffin Island to hunt and trap in the northern regions of the island. Kakulu was a child when she moved back to the Cape Dorset area.

Kakulu began to draw in the early 1960’s when the West Baffin Co-operative established its printmaking studios. Many of her images explore the theme of transformation, with animals blending into other animals, humans becoming animals and vice versa. This is a predominant subject in traditional Inuit folklore and Kakulu Saggiaktok mythology, where the natural and supernatural worlds were mediated by the shaman. Kakulu’s work is always imaginative and often playful and charming and much of her inspiration comes from her childhood memories of living on the land.

Kakulu’s mother was Ikayukta (deceased), also one of the early contributors to the annual print collections from Cape Dorset. Kakulu was married to Saggiaktok (deceased), who was a printmaker in the stonecut studio for many years.

This Proud Match by Kakulu Saggiaktok is a great example of her imaginative, playful and charming treatment of the transformation theme. See also Seals by Kakulu Saggiaktok if you like Proud Match by Kakulu Saggiaktok

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28.3 × 16.8 in

Biography Kakulu Saggiaktok


Date of Birth: February 14, 1940

Place of Birth: Cape Dorset

Mother: Ikayukta Saggiaktuk (deceased)


Male/Female: Female

“Because I am not very old, I don’t usually draw the old ways but in my mind I would like to. Because I am not very old I don’t really remember. I was born on the ship, the Nascopie, when my parents were travelling around Baffin Island. I don’t remember much about those early years but I have one memory of being taken by canoe from the ship to the land by a white man.”
– Kakulu Saggiatok

Cape Dorset Print Catalogue, 1978.

Kakulu was born in 1940 on the Hudson’s Bay Company’s supply ship, “Nascopie” en route from Clyde River to Pangnirtung. At that time, her parents and older brother were members of a small group of Inuit who travelled from south Baffin Island to trap and hunt furs in the northern regions of the Island.
Kakulu began to draw in the early 1960’s when the newly established co-operative introduced its graphic arts project. Her style has evolved considerably over the years. She is represented in this year’s (2000), collection with two prints – “Vision Quest” (2000-2) and “Myth of Creation” (2000-3). Both of these illustrating her playful and yet sophisticated sense of imagery.
Kakulu’s mother was Ikayukta, a well-known graphic artist (now deceased). Her older brother was Qavaroak Tunnillie, a well-known and prolific sculptor (now deceased). She is married to Saggiaktok, who for many years was a printmaker in the stonecut studio. He would frequently proof and edit those images by Kakulu which had been chosen for stonecut prints. They live in Cape Dorset with their four children. She continues to develop her own unique style of expression, and participates in workshops offered by the Kinngait Studios. She is represented in 2001 print collection by an etching and aquatint entitled, “Hot Pot” (2001-2002), which she conceived direly onto the etching plate during one of the Co- operative’s continuing series of workshops in association with Studio PM of Montreal.*

*West Baffin Eskimo Co-op, 2000-2001.


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