Vintage Grenfell Hand-Carved Ashtray by Reuben Blake


Artist:                    Reuben Blake

Community:         Grenfell

Year:                       ?

Media:                   Stone

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Although not an Inuit carving in the traditional sense, nevertheless this unique Vintage Grenfell Hand-Carved Ashtray by Reuben Blake is an important artifact in the history of Inuit art. The carving is of an ashtray with a seal resting on the edge. The Grenfell Mission played a significant role in the history of “colonial” Labrador. As stated on the Heritage Newfoundland and Labrador website:

While doing much to improve the quality of life for many people in Labrador and northern Newfoundland, Grenfell’s work sometimes conflicted with local ways of life. Instead of accommodating the migratory lifestyles of Labrador residents, the mission’s hospitals, schools, and farms catered to a static and centralized population. Many volunteers came from the United Kingdom or North America, and although well-intentioned, often imposed their own values and traditions on the local population. Nonetheless, most Labrador residents welcomed mission workers into their communities.

This carving comes with a partial label underneath stating “Grenfell Hand Made in Newfoundland and Labrador” and is signed Reuben Blake. This Vintage Grenfell Hand-Carved Ashtray by Reuben Blake is a wonderfull piece of Grenfell Mission history for the Grenfell collectors.

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