Walking Bear by Quaraq Nungusuituq (ᑯᐊᕋ ᑭᒐᐃ)


Artist:                 Quaraq Nungusuituq (ᑯᐊᕋ ᑭᒐᐃ)

Community:        Cape Dorset ?

Year:                     ~2006

Media:                 Green Serpentine

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This Walking Bear by Quaraq Nungusuituq (ᑯᐊᕋ ᑭᒐᐃ) in green serpentine is a real gem. The stone is beautiful and the bear is an amazing amalgam of plumpness and sleekness, of curvature and elongation, of robustness and elegance.

This bear has come to us from a collector who bought this carving directly from the artist, probably somewhere around 2006 and probably in Cape Dorset.

A treasure.

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Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

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